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Thursday, August 27, 2015


******ഓണാശംസകള്‍ ****** 

(New World wish all a very happy ONAM, the most celebrated event of Malayalees of Kerala state, India. The real message of Onam is to love one another, sharefood or wealth and keep all the friendship despite any religious differences. Under 'Maveli' everyone is equal and should be happy.
We are very happy to introduce a very beautiful series...Adventures of Mr. Spencer, the Cat. Spencer has a lot of magical powers. He seems to be a quiet loveable cat but as the series continues, we will know how great he is. Did he come from another Universe?Find out. It is a long series which will later take off to a Science fiction in which Spencer is the hero with his grandpa and grandma as the other characters.Now please read Spencer's Onam Celebrations.stories. Story is written by George Kurian and the Illustration by our great artist GEORGE ABRAHAM- The stunning picture of Maveli !!) New World Publications 



It was late morning
Grandpa did not wake up!
Grandma did not wake up!!
Mr. Spencer ran up and down the stairs.

“Grandpa…Grandma… you are late for going to your work.”Please wake up” They did not wake up.

Spencer became very anxious and also nervous ! He shouted…Wake up. You are already late for work,Grandpa…Grandma…”

Grandpa woke up.Grandpa knew Spencer’s concern.

He said” Spencer, we are off today. We forgot to tell you that. Sorry ,Spencer ,we took off for“ONAM” celebrations.If you want to sleep a little more you can do so. “ He told calmly.

Mr. Spencer did not want to sleep any more. He woke up because that was the usual time for him to wake up.

When Grandma woke up and went to the kitchen, Spencer jumped up on the bed and sat at the side of Grandpa.


“Yes Spencer”

“I want to know what this” Onam” is. Grandpa. Am I disturbing your sleep,Grandpa ?”

“Not at all Spencer. I am already awake and can’t sleep any more.”

“Fine. Then may I bring you some hot tea,Grandpa ? Then sipping the tea, you can tell me about the “Onam”.

“That is very good .”

Spencer went to the kitchen and got some hot tea from Grandma and brought it on a tray to the side of Grandpa. Sipping the hot sweet tea, Grandpa started telling about “Onam”. Spencer was happy and he lay down on the side of Grandpa and listened to the story of “Onam”very anxiously.

“You know Spencer, we, your Grandpa and Grandma are from Kerala State, India, the south western state of India which is on the southern tip of the Country. You might have heard about Cape Comerin which is also there at the south of our state, where you can see the sunrise and sunset everyday. The state has a tropical climate and I had explained about its beauty before. You had shown interest to go and see the beautiful state which is also called “God’s Own Country”.”

“Sure,sure Grandpa. You had land there once, I remember.You had lived in a house and you had a great loving dog namely “Kuttan.” I remember all that, Grandpa.”

“That is right. In kerala, we celebrate “Onam” once a year, which is also a great day for all the “Keralites” namely the “Malayalees.” By the time of Onam,most of our crops are riped and we have a lot of food. No one goes hungry on that day, rich or poor alike.”

“That is very good,Grandpa”

We also prepare our houses in a beautiful manner. There will be a lot of flower beds and flower decorations in front of the house. We also dress in special new clothes. We prepare so many items in advance such as the dances,games and the preparation of variousdelicious foods to eat. We are really waiting to receive “Mahabali” who visits every house on that day like thevisit of Santa Clause on the Christmas night.” Mahabali, the great former emperor of Kerala wants to see everyone has enough food and all are happy. I will tell more about Mahabali,Spencer.”

“Thank you Grandpa. I was going to ask you about Mahabali.”

(Will continue in Part-II)

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