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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Sienna, a young bubbly college student is a picture of delight for her
family and friends. She is blessed with a face that can stop a fleet of cars,
no wonder, she is always the life of the party. But that is not really the point!
She is modest and a lady so close to God that it is not surprising, that sh
gets most A's in the university. Quite finishing her Chemical engineering
degree with ease and grace, Janice and I were happy to be her friend.
Anyway, Janice and I discovered something interesting about her. She loves
her Dad very, very much!

One day, she told us, "I would like to marry someone like my father, loving,
bright and kind." We thought that at this generation, it could be finding a pin
in the haystack. Why? All of the boys we have met have a minimum of three
girl friends at the same time. But, there is always hope. Someday, somewhere
Sienna may find her dream!
But there is a little bit of twist to her preoccupation with her Dad. Once, we were
classmates in Geology and here comes, Dr. Miller! A middle aged man, good looking, caring, brilliant and kind... How Sienna likes Dr. Miller, about 50 years old. We told Sienna, "This is not right, you are only 19 years old and he is more than twice your age." Sienna replied, "He seems to be the man of my dreams." Janice said, "But Sienna, this is ridiculous, I know love is blind but you have 20/20 vision!"
Thanks, the infatuation passes away!
Then one day, Sienna invited us to her house in Paradise Hills. It is a semi-mansion and they have three housekeepers and a driver. We did not realise she belongs to an elite family because her ways really did not show it. Then, her Dad arrived! What! his Dad was a Senator, an honest and kind hearted writer, humanitarian and representative of people's rights. Sienna was right, her Dad is one of a kind! After five years, I met her at a college reunion. She was dressed in a blue laced gown though I almost did not recognise her. She is with an executive looking man but maybe only in his thirties. I whispered to her during a confidante mood, "Sienna, I thought you are looking for someone like your Dad?"
Sienna replied, "Finally, I found the man of my dreams! He is caring, kind and brilliant."
God is good, extremely good. The Holy One led me to mirror the heart, the seat of
goodness and value!
**A beautifully crafted story.(New World)

All rights reserved Cynthia Abegail

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