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Friday, December 4, 2015

THE DAY WILL COME: Short Story by Cynthia Abegail

Janice is an ordinary looking girl who is quite intelligent and outgoing.  She loves to organise a play in their school.  With a feisty nature, it is not surprising that she developed an odd relationship with the board of parents and teachers in this community.

But, she had this seemingly stubborn attitude to push through despite of the problems.  With a charismatic personality, she manage a group of 20 people who simply adore what she intend to do.  On the other hand, her enemies are plotting a blacklist on her.  When she started to advertise her play, the school's headmaster was very cold and calculating.

Janice intentions' were pure but the group will really give her a hard time.  The headmaster gossiped with other schools' heads and she was devastated.  Even the secretary who was her friend before turned her back from her.

She proceeded and her group managed to push on the play and they had some audience, but not what she envisioned to be.  After the play, she was feeling very sad about the uncooperative group.  She decided to do her next play in another school.  She had that passion for this art that she was not fully

She began again her plans with a group and this time, she did another tactic, she did not advertise it but she just used networking.  It worked, her enemies never knew about her play till one week before so they were not able to paralyse her plans.  She was eventually happy with the result.  About 200 people came and it was an astounding success.  Her enemies were stunned when they heard the news.
The following year, she moved to another place.  No, she is not doing any more plays!  She is just taking her holiday and smelling the flowers!

Moral lesson:  Sometimes, it is quite difficult to love our enemies.  We need a lot of prayer and grace from God to evade sinister plots and plans.  But, God has a great plan for each one of us;  plans not to destroy us but to uplift us.  Pray for one's enemies to be one's friends.  It will come, it may take time,
but with God's grace, nothing is impossible!

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