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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

JOKES ONLY (forwarded by Cynthia Abegail)

Husband: Quick, what are you waiting for?

O' you dress up like a queen, so slow!

Wife: Am I really not like a queen, you told me

20 years ago.

Husband: But queens aged, isn't it?


Driver: Where are you going?

Jess: In Point Netherland!

Driver: Sir, that's beyond my radius. It's way

so away from the city.

Jess: Showing $500.00 note...

Driver: I mean it is within my diameter!


Leah: O' I dream to be a supermodel.

Mother: How much do you weigh?

Leah: About 200 pounds only.

Mother: Well, models weigh only about 90-100 poounds.

Leah: Not for supermodel for barbells.


Teacher: If you are not going to be quiet, I will call

the principal, Mr. Yates!

Students: Silence for 1 minute.

John broke the silence: Miss Ross, could he be our teacher,

so that chairs are not upturned!

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