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Friday, March 18, 2016



Have we noticed that sometimes sweet relationships turn
bitter or even sour after a long period of time? It is an
enigma. Look at sweethearts; on their first date, the aroma
of the air seems vanilla scented! After another year, they
are worst than dogs and cats fighting. However, on the
first day that they proposed, the man is tamed as a gentle

Observe some couples. On their first month of honeymoon,
their voyage to that dream island or place is just but an
ecstasy. After about a year when they have learned each other's
idiosyncracies, things change.

It may be the nature of man. Human beings are changeable. They
can change their mind every minute, every hour. There is nothing
permanent in a man's state.

The free will of man has a great role to play in this dilemna. He or she
has the option to keep or to forego a relationship. But wait! This is
not the will of God in a marriage. A marriage is a sacrament! This is
why the couple has to say Yes to "For better or for worst."

We do understand that people's interest may sometimes wane or pale.
But that is not an excuse. From the Lord's words, "Have you forgotten
the love of your youth?"

Therefore, what is sweet has to remain sweet and what is sweet will not
become bitter. "O, remember the good old days!"

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