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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Jokes Only by Cynthia Abegail

John:  I am really puzzled at this road which is not in the Melway but I really saw this road the other day.  Melvyn:  Strange!  What is the name of the road?  I will try to check it in the Google Maps.  John:  No Through Road...


Peter:  I am trying to find my wife for two days already!  Do you have any idea, David where she is?   David:  Did you say that your wife follow closely the idea, "Love your neighbour?"  Peter:  Yes, I admire her for that.  David smiled and said,  "Look for her at your neighbour's house, she might be there.. "

Ofelia:  I already toured Europe, I could not find the man of my dreams!  Shane:  What are the qualities are you looking for?  Ofelia:  Well, handsome, kind, loving, understanding, faithful and romantic.  Shane:  Have you tried touring Mars?

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