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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jn 8:12 "I Am the Light of the World"

"I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of my life." (Jn 8:12)

It is very clear that the Lord says, "I am the light of the world."       When we follow the Lord and become his disciples, He will brighten our life and will lead us to the right path.  It does not mean that one will not have trials and tribulations because  these are integral part of life.  It meant that light will be available for us to see the truth, discern the will of God for our lives.

There is no such thing as bed of roses in life.  As we are all aware of, there are snakes and scorpions that one has to tread on.  But, God's promises are enough!  "Be not afraid, " Thus says the Lord hundreds of times in Scripture.

Although being afraid is a natural part of life, when we follow Jesus, that usually vanish!  Why?  The reason is:  "When we are in Christ, it is not I who lives, but it is Christ who lives in me," from the words of St Paul.

Let us pray that the Holy Spirit gives us all today the gifts of courage and forbearance!  Lord, hear our prayer.  In the Most Holy Name of Jesus, Amen

The courage just comes supernaturally because the one who lives in you is greater than any adverse power in the world.  My brothers and sisters, but it takes immense faith and love for God.  As shown by Mother Mary, St Joseph, St Therese of Lisieux, St Anthony of Padua, St Francis of Assisi, and all of the Angels and saints, love conquers the world.  Then, why do we hate our brothers sometimes?

Cynthia Abegail Bernardo

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