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Monday, April 11, 2016

Relationships Matter

How many times our relationships break down?  Many times, I guess!  Why?  We have not mastered strategies to maintain a relationship for that matter.

Relationships may flourish based on our body language.  The mere big smile, sparkling eyes, or leaning forward attracts the other person.  A kind demeanour, an approving nod and a soft, melodious voice could make a difference!

One does not really need a tiger in his life, not even a scorpion.  How could one bear to be with a person who gets angry most of the time?  Life is already a battle at times; adding a person who is rude and untamed could be quite demanding.

Let us make other people welcome.  Making others comfortable does not just come naturally with most people.  Next time we meet a friend, we may have already mastered the warm body language that facilitates a nice encounter.

Life is fleeting, just like a grass in a field; let's make the most of it by enjoying our encounters with a gentle smile and with a welcoming attitude...

Cynthia Abegail

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