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Monday, April 25, 2016

Tips for Writing: from the Random House of Good Writing by Mitchell Ivers

(We are going to have a series of inspirational guide to writing based on one of the best selling book of the talented editor and writer, Mitchell Ivers).

"Find yourself a quiet hour"

Although many writers have different styles of being solitary, Mitchell has mentioned a few noteworthy examples.  He said, "Think of writing as an activity for which you may have to act protectively, a private habit that requires its own time and it's own place.  An hour of uninterrupted time will yield the equivalent of several distracted hours.  Norman Mailer likes a view, he says 'I prefer looking at the sea, or ships or anything that has a vista on it."

Thanks to Mitchell Ivers, a graduate of Princeton University and an outstanding editor for these great tip on inspiration for writing.  New World

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