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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New World remembers George Kurian on his first death anniversary 15 June

George Kurian hailed from India and migrated to US.  He was a successful businessman and writer during his life.  He then established New World publications.

As he had excellent interpersonal skills, he was able to gather almost a hundred writers for New World.  He had a unique intelligence and charisma, thus, he developed strong friendships such as with Abraham G, Sr Elsie Baby, Thomas Philip Ranni in the New York, Chicago and New Jersey Area and most of US as far as Texas.   I also considered George as a great friend.  I wrote 150 poems for New World when he was a Chief Editor.

We give thanksgiving to God Almighty for the life of George.  He will always have a place in all of our hearts not only because he was kind and loving when he was alive but most of all because of his devotion and service to God, our Creator in Jesus Name.

Annama Kurian was her wife when he was alive.  He had also a son, Anil Kurian and two daughters, Anisha Ku-Philip, PhD and Asha Kurian.  Arianna Rose Kurian- Philip is the current Editor- in- Chief of New World.  Abbey Philip is  in-charge of Web Design and Technical Issues.

Thanks for all of the support of writers!

We remember George on this special day.  May God grant our beloved George eternal peace.  Amen.

Cynthia Abegail Bernardo
(Acting Co-Editor, New World)

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