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Wednesday, June 15, 2016



How did it go beyond the Everest?
Tell me how, never would it rest--
Search for the billows of the night,
Not there, in my heart it hid aside.

Walked by palisades, and thought
Could I put a rein on these feelings--
Will I pour water on the flames
Or scatter ice that will dampen?

Is it the misty eyes from beyond?
Chirping woos of such delight!
The sonata of words that bite
Captured the naive moments...

Tell me, when will charisma ends,
How will reds turn blues to mend
Not when my heart beats for you,
Nor when it reminisce and lingers!

How many times, I like to forget---
The heart never lies, tells the truth
A vanishing mist, the roses of dunes
The scent of magnolias, a daydream!

The endearing ways, the warmth!
I could never forget in any way
The love like a dew, resplendent
Fresh as an everglade, pine to lend!

The waves may ensue, scatters adiu,
I will roll on the crest to see anew---
Crept on the drizzle, not on troughs,
The secret was there, never on bows!

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail Bernardo
( A Real Literary gem which will adore our New World. Thanks Cynthia)
New World

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