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Friday, July 29, 2016



Jenny: Who rode with you last night?
Ron: Darl, it's our friend Chris!
Jenny: Return this lipstick to him. Tell him
he left it at the seat!
Jane (to the housekeeper) Lyn, will you post
this letter in the post office.
Winnie: Is it by air, Mam?
Jane: No! Take the car only!
Rose: If you really love me, are you ready to
die for me?
Tom: Oh, no! My love for you will never
Susie: Really, your husband does not go home
now at 3:00 am. What did you do?
Len: Well, once he opened the door at dawn,
I said, "Is that you Jim?" His name is
Salesman: This vacuum cleaner is fantastic. What more,
you can pay only $5.00 a day.
Housewife: Alright, I will give you $5.00 now and give me the
vacuum cleaner!
Salesman: I will give you the hose first... the vacuum later!
A husband dreamt and he uttered the name Vina. His wife
who woke up was furious.
Wife: Now, I know who is the other woman, Vina!
Husband: That's you, my love. That's your nickname!
(The wife's name is Bambina)... Perfect!
Grandfather: Leah, you are so blessed to marry my
grandson. If I die, he will inherit this
mansion and a million dollars.
Leah: May I ask, when was your latest heart attack?
Cheers! Cynthia Abegail

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