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Friday, July 22, 2016



June:  Why are you crying?

Letty:  My boyfriend said his computer broke down,

he can't write me for a week!

June:  You are so clingy!  Can't you wait, only a week, huh?

Letty:  I saw him chatting with Susie in Facebook, Ludy

in Twitter...


Wife:  Have you seen my husband?

Joy:  No, why are you looking here in the pub?

Wife:  Where should I look for him?

Joy:  In Facebook!  (Joke only)

Wife:  Yes!!!


Jenny:  Do you know how to track passwords?

Danny:  What do you think of me, a tech-genius?  Why?

Jenny:  My husband change his password, I could not track!

Danny:  Why are you tracking him?  Is he the only man in the


Jenny:  Why not, he is retiring now... I have to guard his super...


Dell:  Guess what, I have a new I-pad.  I have a new secretary there.

Her name is Swiri!  There's a problem.

Jan:  What?

Dell:  The door was locked, my wife overheard Swiri saying,

"Goodnight sweet dreams."  Love Swiri!

Jan:  Then your wife went ballistic?

Dell:  The next thing I know, she jumped by the window and said,

"Where is Swiri, I will wring her neck?"  Then I said,"Cool Darl,

Swiri is on the Ipad!  The Ipad got wrecked!

She said, "What Swiri, she must be in the closet! 

Dell: I can't understand women...

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