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Monday, July 11, 2016


Peeking the Tomb of Whitman

The heartthrobs in the Garden State
peak at Camden in poor riches,
the last beams of daylight search
the soul in the Northern star.
Who is there to utter a reading
from the testament of a saint?
From the left comes St. Thomas,
the hidden gospel armed and unveiled -
directed To You, the stranger
and chanting to Thou Reader.
From the right appears St. George
with the tenacious tip of a spear
rowing in unison against the dragon
on Crossing Brooklyn Ferry to land.
The middle course is cumbersomely safe
and the apparition of St. Joseph twinkles
"Singing my days," and wailing in allegory
"O farther, farther, farther sail,"
in the Passage To India for rediscovery:
All of them in streaming bewilderment
ask friends and foes alike in detachment
why he hosted Oscar on a winter night's
starry domed preview of a planetarium.

Professor Joy T. Kunjappu, D. Sc., Ph. D.
(The poem has a flow that touches the hearts. It is simple but
quite elegant in it's essence. It is a poem of high quality which
transcends a deeper breadth and space. An excellent poet,
indeed! Thanks Professor Joy T. Kunjappu). New World

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