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Sunday, July 24, 2016


Tanya's Professor

The bell rung and her comes Tanya, a first
year neophyte in the university. With her
precious fad clags, she walked gracefully
near the lounge area and rushed to her
first period class.
Geograpy! That's one of her favorite subject...
A tall, lanky man entered the room with an
air of dignity. "Jane, said Tanya, he may be
Dr. Mooney, the famous metereologist and
earth scientist." Jane replied, "Hmm, he
really looks bright. Anyway, hope we ace this
subject." Too bad, Tanya did not hear; she was
looking intensely at Dr. Mooney. "Tanya, said Jane,
what in the world are you doing, if he is ice, he
should have melted!" Tanya quipped, "What's
wrong with looking?" Jane said, "Mind you, you
seem to be in a trance."

The next day, at the library--- Tanya could not be seen with
piles of books infront of her. Judy was surprised, "Tanya,
what's up? It is only the second day and you seem to
have examination in? Hmm, Geography! of all subjects.
I thought you were studying Physics. Ah! Who's your teacher?
Dr. Mooney? No wonder, he is the crush of all our gang!
Teasing, don't try. He is married! Tanya replied, "And how do you
know, I have a crush on him? Judy quipped, "Are you blind or
are you really a nerd? Joke only! Tanya bent down and said
lightly, "Go away!"
After a month of gazing at Dr. Mooney, at last--- the professor noticed
her innate intellegence and lovely hazel brown eyes. One lecture day,
Dr Mooney drew a cloud front and he wrote Tanya's name beside it
as an example. Tanya giggled. Tanya thought, "Why did he use my
name as an example?"; but she almost jumped with joy.
Weeks after weeks, Tanya noticed that Dr. Mooney is very kind to her.
One afternoon, she was sipping her favorite chocolate drink in the canteen
when Dr. Mooney asked her if he could join her. Tanya (trembling a bit),
replied, "Certainly, Sir." Dr. Mooney told her, "You may have noticed that
there are a lot of times I give your name as an example." Tanya said, "Yes,
sir." You know, when I was studying in US as an exchange scholar, I met
a student studying medicine in Los Angeles. Guess what, you look like
her very much, I am really surprised! Tanya gazing with chirpy eyes, "Wow,
what an honor to look like her." Dr. Mooney cont. , "She was my girlfriend for
about three years, then I have to go back home. After six months of correspondence,she stopped writing. I just received a final letter that she found someone else!
Tanya in sympathy, "Oh! Dr. Mooney cont., " She is so precious in my heart but
I am married now."
If I met you earlier, chances that things may have changed. My wife is a
very good person, too. It just happened that I saw you and memories just
flashed back!
Tanya could not believe it. Dr. Mooney said," But do not worry, I will not
bother you. I am a professor with strong moral values." Tanya seems to shout,
"Please bother me." Then Dr. Mooney said goodbye. This was their last day
of the semester.
Tanya went back home downhearted. She will not see Dr. Mooney again, because
he was sent again to England for another scholarship. Then, here comes Bill,
"Tanya, do you have a sec?" Tanya answered, "And why?" Bill, a persistent suitor
asked, "Could I invite you tonight for the ball of our group? I do not have a
partner for the dance." Tanya said, "Judy is there." On second thought, just
to mellow a bit, she said, "Why not? Pick me up at 7:00 pm. Bill walked away
with glee in his heart! At last, he said!

Morale of the story: Love is unexplainable! Sometimes it beats for the unexpected.
On the other hand, in many things that we encounter, it is also good to think
sensibly and walk through the right path of God, through prayer and constant
communion with Him!
*This is a fiction love story around a university setting

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