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Saturday, September 17, 2016



First Home Buyer: I am really interested to
apply for a house and land package.
Financier: How much deposit do you have?
First Home Buyer: That's why I am going to
you! Nothing!
Wife: Don't you think it is high time for us to
celebrate our 50th anniversary in Ireland?
Husband: Fair enough! In a wheelchair?
Teacher: How many times will I suspend you
for you to stop putting thumbtacks on my chair?
Student: Until you don't know it!
Fiancee: Darl, I saw a beautiful diamond bracelet
in the city Jewellers, only $10000.00. I just love it!
Darren: Why not get it?
Fiancee: On your credit card tomorrow?
Darren: On yours, pay you later!
Waiter: Sir, all of our customers put on a tip on
that platter.
Customer: They found their match!
Jenny: I think I pass, I got 50%!

Ron: Really? I thought the passing is 75%.
Jenny: Not for me!

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