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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Jesus, the Commander-in-Chief of our lives

As the joke usually say, "My wife is the Commander in our house."  That's true, we all have someone whom we regard as the driving force in our life.  It could be different for everybody depending upon what each treasure in his heart.

Jesus is the Commander-in-Chief of a Christian's life.  From the moment, a Christian wake up, it is Jesus who is in their hearts.  Others will say, "Over!"

Why not?  If not for God, we are just over and out.  It is deemed appropriate to give thanksgiving more moments in our life.  When we eat, we eat for God.  When we relax, we relax in God.

Let us get things straight!  God created us, we have to praise and thanks God every time, everywhere.
There is no better thing to do but praise for God dwells in the praises of His people...Then, graces overflow!

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