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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


( Laughter is one of the best exercises in life and we have here plenty to laugh. Thanks to our popular writer Cynthia Abegail) New World

Raymund: Did you observe that trains are getting
late now-a-days?
Liza: I agree!
Raymund: Once, I was rushing to work in the morning.
I try to be patient and waited for the train.
After some time, I realise I have to go back
home... supper is ready!
James: (to a beautiful stranger) ... I think I have seen
you somewhere, I just can't remember.
Cassia: Yes!
James: Where?
Cassia: Here!
Police: Now, are you aware that you are speeding, 120 km/hr
in a 100 km zone.
Driver: Sorry, Sir! I am going to the mechanic, because my
speedometer is faulty.
Police: You're right, it's not 120 km/hr.
Driver: Thanks!
Police: It is 130km/hr... Your License please!
Relief Agency staff: And what do you do for a living?
Conrad: Working on others, Mam.
Staff: Working on others, strange! You mean working for others?
Conrad: Really, working on others. I am a pickpocket!
Manager: Tommy, you're late again! Everyday.
Tommy: There are valid reasons, Sir.
Manager: The other day, your wife was sick. Last Monday,
your car broke down. On Tuesday, your Dad
just arrived from U. S.
And how valid is the reason today###?
Tommy: The most authentic, Sir! My watch is late!
Gemma: (a student failing in Physics) Sir, is there any way
that I will pass this year?
Mr. Jones: Not that I know of!
Gemma: Could we talk about my grade in the cafe over
a cup of coffee?
Mr. Jones: What for?
Gemma: Er! You know, Sir! I can do anything...
Mr. Jones: Can you prove Einstein's theory?
Gemma: No Sir! But I can prove to you something!
Mr. Jones: That the energy is conserved in the cup of coffee?
Gemma: Grr!
Husband: I was bashed and they took my money! Too bad,
all the salary was gone!
Wife: They took only your money, not the wallet, huh!

Cynthia Abegail

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