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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Jokes Only: Cynthia Abegail

When Anne lost her patience:

Anne spread 300 flyers every year for her beloved event, for ten years.  On the tenth year, she had about 40 guests.  On the 11th year, she spread again 300 flyers and John fortunately got one.

He read it:  Whoever reads this flyer, you are not invited!


Thomas needs a cattery!

Thom has a penchant for his white, beautiful cat.  Now is the time for Shara to get a holiday because it seems getting bored.

1st cattery:  Too narrow cages

2nd cattery:  Too short working hours

3rd cattery:  Grumpy carers

4th cattery:  Too dirty

5th cattery:  Do a lot of surgeries

Thom let her cat Shara out in the garden for her holiday.  The next day, he advertised Shara is missing.  Guess what, he got a phone call after 3 days.  The 3rd cattery found Shara...
Thom:  Grr!!!

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