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Wednesday, February 1, 2017



Teacher: Alright, it's time now, so
please put all your chairs
up on the table.
Everybody did except Stephen.
Teacher: Stephen, why did you not
put up your chair? (annoyed)
Stephen: How forgetful you are, Sir.
I am on detention!
Chem professor: Now, it seems that
most chemicals end in "nium"
like Cf -- californium, U as
uranium. Well, there's a newly
discovered element, Dl.
Jane: I know, it is delirium!
Carl had a fight with his wife the other night.
Ron: Hey Carl, what's up?
Carl: I did not get much sleep, I had a row with
Ron: How come?
Carl: Last night, I was probably half-asleep when
she asked for my payslip. I answered, "Alright,
fax this first!"
John had a great yearning to get married. It
arrived finally, then he's finished!
Donna: Mam, the new maid arrived. Sir hired
her. Her name is Chicka, age-18, blonde
and so cute.
Mam: Alright, issue the dismissal papers!
(Cynthia the jokes really very funny indeed.Thanks)
New World

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