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Monday, March 13, 2017

A Good Friend: Short Story by Cynthia Abegail

Leilani is a typical girl next door whom I have met a year ago.  She dresses well, has impeccable manners and of kind heart.  I did not realise that she will be a close friend of mine.

I have a circle of faithful friends, but Leilani sparked my interest.  She has good words for others except some people who had annoyed her reasonably.  I sympathise with her because as we traverse our life, there could be people who strike our nerves.  Though I do not worry much about those people and I could'nt be bothered, my friend are dead serious about them.  I always tell her, do not stress too much because you are the one who suffers.  Just forgive them!

Later, she developed a string of illnesses because of this unforgiveness.  I understand, because at times, we do not get it!  Why could other people just drive us till mad!  Well, that's life folks.

We shared our moments, we had dinner, we had lunch and Leilani became closer to my heart.  She seems not to hurt a fly and she help people naturally.  She gives one importance and although I know that she is basically intelligent, she is always humble and reserved.  Sometimes, I could mention about my glorious past, but she is just so simple!

Leilani is a good friend.  With her, I learned that we only live our life once, do good things to our neighbours, for we will never pass this way again!  Praise God for Leilani!  I call her sassy in character!

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