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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

At the end of the day, fast from the passion of your hearts

Have one experienced resolving to do one thing and doing the very opposite?  Yes, all of us may have been in this sort of dilemma.

Passions!  Yes, all have passion for one or the other.  We have that predisposition to do what is not right at times because of our concupiscense.  All are weak, this is the reason that we have to be dependent on God to make us strong spiritually.

Even our great saint St Paul attest to this inherent weakness.  He has battled all of his life for that "thorn in the flesh."  Only scholars know about this mysterious thorn.

Lest, we have read about the battles of some saints with the works of the flesh.  Its allure is sometimes strong, but we must remember that our God is stronger.  We just not have to give consent to the evil to overcome us.  We need Mother Mary, the Mediatrix of all graces to help us.  We can pray the Rosary to strengthen us.  We can also ask for the intercession of St Michael and all Angels in heaven for fortifications, as well as our Guardian Angel.  We can have our patron saints to help us, too.

It's not only from the food that we fast but from the passions of our heart, that lead us to sin.  Nobody can judge for all fall short of the glory of God, as in the Book of Romans.

The passions are many:  the sin of gluttony (love of food),  the sin of vanity (love of oneself and looks), the sin of pride, the sin of sloth or laziness or the sin of lust (desire of the flesh). Let us review the seven deadly sins.  We do not mean that we do not commit any of them.  Of course, we do!  But the point is:  Let us try to avoid it and let us go back to God and repent of our sins.  Let us be strong in the Lord.  We have to abide in God, otherwise we fall to the snares of the Devil.  The battle is not ours.  We cannot contend with the spiritual beings in the darkest places, we are powerless!  But our strength will  come only from God.  I am brave only if I am with God!  "O, God, I am weak but Thou art strong."  Please forgive us and help us all of the time.  Be our fortress! Deliver us from evil.  In Jesus Name  Amen.

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