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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Greed creeps sometimes: Short Story by Cynthia Abegail

Anne works in many ministries for the Lord but one day, she confided to me about this lady she met in one of her fields.  Rowena, as she call her is quite old but agile.  She is totally fine except for one particular trait that others do not notice because she's a gregarious lady wearing fancy clothes!

But Anne is very sensitive to some intricacies because she is prayerful and delights in the Lord.  She notice that Rowena likes to be always the centre stage.  She likes to be doing everything as a leader, lecturer and all these sort of things!  She manipulates the group so her wishes will always be heard and instituted.  Other than greed, she is totally alright!

Wait, greed is not good!  One has to share even in decision making.  One does not impose her will on a group.  All must have their say...

Once, the group decides to have five lecturers!  Oh no, she opposed it because she's the one only qualified, although her peers have talents, too.  She should be the only one coz she knows everything.
Greed can creep anyplace, even in a religious group.  God sees that and will not be pleased!

One of the lecturers decided that enough is enough.  She did not have the dignity to fight and to throw off the handle so she decided to take time off!  She is Margaret Sue, a diminutive lecturer with a lot of guts.  She said, "Ah, well, I can teach somewhere,  I do not like this domineering, greedy lady!  Anne readily quipped, "Just be patient, she may change by the grace of God."  Margaret said, "I like to serve God, but she never gives me a chance."

Margaret Sue organised her new group.  Now, she is teaching and preaching!  Even a greed of one person could be redirected to something very good.  How awesome our God is!

(Morale of the story:  Greed of position and power is not pleasing to God.  Sharing with one's brethren is on the top of the list.  At the end of the day, one has to abide but what pleases God, not what pleases men).  Cynthia Abegail

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