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Friday, March 10, 2017

Too Much Structure in Literature is Limiting: Insight by Cynthia Abegail

Let us read novels and short stories of literary greats and we will observe that most of them do not normally follow the conventions of the day.  Too much structure in anything is constricting, limit creativity and claustrauphobic.

It is understandable that as writers, there are things that we have to adhere on.  Yet, on second thought, poetry, short stories has to flow with a plan but not in strictest adherence to it.

Could it be not normal writing?  Of course not, it just give a certain kind of freedom of expression.  A spontaneous piece of writing is fascinating in a sense.  It has a connection with readers in a way critics may not understand.  

Writing must be imbued with a love for God and humanity.  Thus, literature invokes the truth--\of love, life to the full and invokes a feeling of freedom as children of God.  I do not mean passion but a kind of writing that enlightens and at the same time flows like a spring upwelling, filling the hearts of the reader with peace, joy and unity!  Literature is not for the light-hearted because it involves responsibility and freedom but not unlimited.  

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