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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Seems holy but with a bad temper!

We encounter many personalities.  Some could look so wild, so modern and with outrageous views about everything.  But wait!

God looks on the heart not on the outward manifestations of unique or maybe strange predisposition!  A person may seem abnormal to others but his or her heart maybe pure gold or diamond.

With some acute observation, I have seen people who seems so holy, breaking almost none of God's commandments, yet at the back room, swears, belittle people, talk about everybody behind their backs and fumes with bad temper which they are of course sorry about after a while!  With authority in their midst, they seem to carry an unbreakable staff and whoever resist their bad behaviour gains the unpleasant consequences.

No one can judge but God alone!  At least, do not assume to be holy when we are actually showing the very opposite of what we personify to be!

God is not pleased with how we present ourselves to the world! God is pleased with what you have in our hearts:  no hypocrisy, not snarling at his or her neighbour, not swearing, no envy or jealousy in the heart, not planning evil for his enemies, not proud, not greedy, etc.

At the end of the day, we could examine ourselves!  Have we been temperamental that our presence to others seem to be electrically repulsive or is our presence a delight for others?

Bad temper is not from God!  Let us be gentle as our Lord is gentle and true!  So next time, we are about to burst into that bad temper, think twice.  

Dear Lord, help us to be kind and to be free from that vicious temper.  In Jesus Most Holy Name.  Amen🙏

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