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Saturday, April 22, 2017

THE IDEAL OR REALITY: Short Story by Cynthia Abegail

I love to talk about Mimi, a bubbling young lass with a penchant for little white flowers.
She just finished a law degree and is now ready to enter the professional arena.  Mimi is
outspoken but there is an inner introvert craving for her especially on her holidays.  She is
very eligible, usually date the brilliant barristers in town but it seems nobody pass her

Just a bit of nosy, I like to tease her at times!  "Hi Mimi, why don't you still have a boyfriend?"
May I know please your requirements?"  Mimi replied, "I am not that choosy; I like him to
be bright, gentle, cool, handsome, tall, loving and she ranted about 20 qualities!  I took a deep
breath and said, "Are you looking for a person or a Superman?"  She giggled, "Well, those are
my requirements, full stop."  In desperation, I told her, "Mimi, that's not possible!  Even ten of
those qualities will be difficult to find.  Maybe, about five qualities will suffice and that man
maybe married already!"

Oh, but my friend Mimi is quite stubborn.  She may look like a model, and not dumb at all
being a Magna Cum Laude in Law; I have a feeling that she is too idealistic.

Well, here are the candidates to be succinct.  John is brilliant, kind, gentle but not handsome.
Peter is brilliant, handsome but loud-mouthed.  Philip is handsome, gentle but dumb.  Ronnie
is handsome, gentle but lazy and violent.  Carlos is brilliant, gentle but looks like a comic
character.  There are actually ten candidates but all are short of perfect of her requirements.

After 5 years, I went to Europe and I haven't seen Mimi but we exchange letters.  I did not
return till I decided to have a holiday after 7 years.

Then, I was walking in the supermarket when I saw someone familiar!  Mimi, yes it is!  She
had one kid on the trolley and  she is with a man.  She introduced me to James!  Well, he seems
kind and gentle but so dark and small!  He seems intelligent though.  I whispered to her after
saying Excuse me to her husband.  "You are so secretive, you did not tell me you married.

She had that familiar giggle again and said, "I do not like you to tease me, I did not get what
I want!"  I told her, "Not to worry, what is important is you love each other and he is kind
and gentle and also a loving father.

As I walk past, I reckon that Mimi is so blessed!  She married a doctor, of very kind demeanour
and has a splendid sense of humor.  He is not very tall and fair but he loves Mimi so much.
Then, I thought, "I am single still but I know he will come, sometime, someday!  Still waiting
but my hopes are high.  I bumped into a man wearing a suit.  Our eyes locked and there was
chemistry.  He invited me for a drink, my heart was racing!  It must be him!  I giggled..,
Thank you Lord, it seems I will never be a spinster!

All rights reserved:  Cynthia Abegail

Morale:  Sometimes, we set our goals without realism.  We forgot that we are also flawed,
not perfect!  It is good to set out foot on the ground and be realistic.
What is important in relationships is the foundation of love.  What is important, too to look
in others are their values and not on the physical qualities alone.  What is in the heart is more
important because marriage is life-long.  It is difficult to get out if one has selected the
wrong one.  Pray to God for a good partner in life.  Prayers make wonders!

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