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Thursday, June 15, 2017


About 7 years ago, George Kurian, then Chief Editor of New World had envisioned already an online newspaper.  His contemporaries had not even formulated this concept.  Even myself, then an assigned writer and Associate Editor had hazy ideas of what he was planning to do!  Slowly, I gained a clearer view of his vision.

George, from my perspective is a visionary.  He had been well-ahead of his peers due to his immense intellectual capacity plus a great love for God and the human being in general.  As he wrote his novel,
Nagaland Chronicle:  Over the Hills and Down the Valleys with artwork of his friend, Abraham G, I came to realise I was dealing with an extraordinary man.  He wrote several hundreds of pages while I could barely write 100 pages in one time.  George had been so careful and meticulous with his work.  It was edited by a full-pledged Indian scholar in English.

Day by day, I just admired his work ethic.  He seems not to get tired, motivating all of us writers.  In his time, one seem to be motivated to write something good, because he had been so positive and caring.  Then, I decided he is one of my best friends!  That's how emotional I have been, rarely in my life that I have very best of friends because I am selecting my friends, though I love everybody!
And what qualities did George had in the past?

George had a clear goal and direction.  He was a methodical and sensible person but he loves to have fun, too and he loves my jokes!  I made New World laugh!  Humor is a spice of life.  Now that George is gone from this world, it will never be the same; we are all grieving, but our lives are all in God's hands.

So in our solidarity in grief,  let us hold our hands as we embark on the reality that our beloved George is gone from this world but was born to eternal life last 15th of June 2015  Let us embrace his memories, his writings for George will never be forgotten!

We will move on...

Cynthia  Abegail Bernardo

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