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Thursday, June 15, 2017

New World remembers George Kurian on his 2nd death anniversary

On this day, we remember George Kurian, RIP (15 June on his rest into eternal life).  George, the accomplished writer, editor and novelist.  On the other hand, his character and kindness outshine his versatility in work.

From outside observers, George will remain in our minds as the one with overflowing love for his family and friends.  As the saying goes, a possible indicator of a man's life is his funeral.  On that day in 2015, tributes overflow from all over the world especially in US where he lived before and from India where he came from.  Flowers and tears flow unabated most from his family.  

His legacy lives--his loving wife, his accomplished children, his beloved grandchildren.  Moreover, his writings will be a memoir of the excellent gift of literature which God has given him.

A man for all seasons!  I remembered his fondness for views and colours!  The best thing that I remember of George is his great respect and love for God Almighty!  

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