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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Aiko's Diaries--- Part 5

Aiko is now getting older, about 9 years!  I am not really worried because cats 🐱 may live till about 20 years or more.

At this stage, Aiko sleeps a lot.  I guess she is getting fatter and now both of us have obesity issues.  I like her to do more exercise but she is flat lazy sometimes.

Now, she becomes more cranky, that I am not happy about.  I am not sure if that's similar to post-menopausal syndrome.  Oh, I forgot, she was desexed!

Day by day, my love for my 🐱 cat Aiko increased.  How I wish that I could post her picture.  Hmm, I have to ask her permission.  She is as lovely as ever.  Yes folks, I will tell you more about her next time!

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