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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Aiko's Diaries (Part III) by Cynthia Abegail) The Reunion)

At last, my agony ended!  I could now take back Aiko, my beloved cat home.  When I hugged her, she felt that we are going back home, but a new home.

As I was driving my modest car, I saw her wagging her tail with delight.  She is a bright cat, for she remembered the way to the South East.  I think she comes from a distinguished progeny.

Talking about progeny, I remembered Dad was very particular about his heritage.  He would recount the legends of his father that my eyes popped out with admiration.  I have brought it with me; my heritage is a combination of Asian-Spanish and I am proud of it!  Oops, going back to Aiko, she is not really that heritage of poodles, but she is smart.  

When we arrived home, her soft, fluffy bed is ready.  She must be tired because she lay flatly and soon sleeping soundly.  I know it as she is curled so sweetly with a snoring sound.

The first day on her new home proved hectic.  She wanted a stroll in the luscious garden.  Following her is a bit of a chore.  As I was overprotective as an eagle, I always have eyes for her that she will not get over the fence.  True to her promise, she does not like to part with me either.   I care for Aiko as I remembered my two boys who have their independent lives by now.  At least, I have a pet that keeps me busy and delighted!  Ok, folks, I will tell you new adventures of Aiko next time.

All rights reserved:  Cynthia Abegail

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