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Sunday, July 16, 2017


Melanie was surprised to receive a bill from the hospital
anesthesia for her recent surgery, $800.00. She called
the office and demanded to speak with the doctor.
Melanie: "Doctor, is this an error? It's too costly for getting
someone to sleep!
Doctor: Not really. I put you to sleep for free; the $800.00
is for waking you up again.
I told my father in-law. My house is your house. The following
day, he sold it.  (Adapted)
A man was crying in front of a tomb in a cemetery. He sobbed
with anguish, "If you did not die, everything should have been
fine; if you only have lived, I should still be a millionaire. John
touched the stranger with compassion and asked, "Is that
your father who died?
The man answered, "No, it's my wife's first husband!"
What a husband! On Valentine's Day, he asked his wife,
"What would you like for a gift?" The wife replied,
"Something sweet." She gave her 5 big cans of sweetened
pineapple juice!

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