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Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Will of the Father from The Passion: Messages to Catalina (Katya Rivas) ---Bolivia

"Jesus does the Will of the Father:  Prostrate yourselves humbly as creatures in the presence of their Creator and adore His designs over you, whatever they maybe, committing your will to the Divine One.  In this way I offered Myself to fulfill the work of redeeming the world.  Ah!  What a moment it was when I felt all those torments come over Me, the torments I was to suffer in my Passion:  the slander, the insults, the scourging, the kicks, the Crown of Thorns, the Cross... All that passed before My eyes at the same time that an intense pain hurt my Heart; the offenses, the sins and abominations that would be commuted in the passing of time.  And I not only saw them, but I felt reinvested with all those horrors, and in this way I presented Myself to my Celestial Father to implore Mercy."

Source:  The Passion:  Reflections that Jesus makes on the mystery of His suffering and the value it has on Redemption.  page 9, Messages to Catalina (Katya Rivas, who has borne the stigmata), with imprimatur of her Bishop.

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