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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

There's no such thing..

"There's no such thing as a boring story, only boring journalists."  (Martin Gurdon, Write On!)

Stories makes the world go round.  Whether the story is about your neighbours
pet-peeves or of a global impact, still a story!

What makes the story interesting depends upon the writer or the story-teller.  How adrenaline-rushing is that story which affects you, your family and friends.

To be a writer or a journalist is not an easy task.  When all eyes are on you, it takes discipline not to be carried away and also to take care on the words that you write.  When something is printed, no amount of apologies could cover the errors.  We do not expect perfect writers but careful writers!  The one that makes journalists boring is that fear!  An exciting journalist speaks with caution, but at the same time oozes with confidence and freedom!  As long as they know they are right and as long as they fight for the poor and for justice, no holds barred.

Journalism has a class of its own.  Let us thank our journalists for enlightening us on issues.  As such, there are no boring stories, only journalists who did not keep up with the right story, the ones who did not inject flame and excitement for that beautiful story!

Cynthia Abegail Bernardo

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