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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Do not allow yourself to be robbed of joy

Joy is a gift of God!  Nobody has a right to rob you of this joy unless you allow them or give consent for them to annoy you and thereby losing this utter joy and peace.

As the world is not perfect, there maybe annoying ones that hits unto your very nerves!  But, it is not the end of the story.  Build up your resistance...For life is not to be consumed altogether in sorrow.  It's alright to be sad 😭 or melancholic sometimes, but not for a long time.

Depression, the lurking cancer of this generation! It's not an easy feat to overcome this malady.  As I read about it, I have learned that it is sudden, it strikes badly without notice.

What are the causes of depression?  It could be a sudden change of relationships, it could be grief over someone whom we have lost through death,  it could be abuse of drugs, it could be lost of something we enjoyed before, it could be embarassment or even effects of bullying!  Sometimes, it could be an imbalance of chemicals in our brain.

How could we possibly avoid it or minimise its impact on us?

1.  Have a healthy nutrition with a balanced diet.

2.  Be strong and avoid people who has a tendency to bully others.

3.  Avoid drugs which could damage the brain and perceptions.

4.  Increase self-esteem by staying with good friends who are supportive, not damaging.

5.  Avoid gossip!

6.  Have a wide and strong circle of friends.

7.  Enjoy with your family.

8.  Be flexible and adjustable to situations.

9.  Have rich hobbies and relax once in a while.

10.  Most of all, pray daily.  This is an antidote to loneliness.  How could somebody close to God, be  really sad?  God is love, joy and peace.

Praise God in the highest heavens!

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