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Wednesday, August 2, 2017


FOLLOW LIKE A SHADOW: POEM BY JOSE PINTO STEPHEN(A lot of morals in this great poem. Thanks to Mr. Stephen)

Follow like a shadow
Remember ! I will follow you like a shadow
Because I love you so much

I am a shadow because you don't want to see me otherwise
I am a shadow because I don't want to be separate from you

I will follow you wherever you go
I will be in heaven if you go there
I will be in hell if you are there
Better stay on earth so I can stay here too

Your happiness are mine too
Your sorrows makes me cry
I know you don't want to share your feelings to me
But I feel the same way even before you feel anything

I wish you walk on the light always
Then I can exist for ever
I don't know shadow can exist on darkness
Don't ever choose darkness just to destroy me

Whenever you looked back you saw me standing there
You turned away your face and moved away with hatred
I followed you as fast as you ran away
Still my mind was filled with pure love

When you climb the ladder of success
I will be there to congratulate you
If you ever fall and weep
You will hear my soothing voice

Why shadow has different feelings now ?
In terms of love and hatred shadow can only love
Thank God for creating shadows
If not how could've I follow you ?

My final words.....
Don't ever try to run away.....
You can't be the real you...
Without your own shadow.......

All rights reserved: Jose Pinto Stephen

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