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Monday, October 2, 2017


pic credit:  Thom and Kathie


The world is full of flowers, dandelions and lilies,
Look at these flowers; they never plant or view
Shoot from the sepals and grow anew each day
Solomon's garments not as lovely as O they lay.

Roses abound in my garden, reddish and pinkish,
Plucked in the morning as the vase full of water
Offered for my Lord as the morn hasten to noon
The petals brighten as my eyes beamed attune!

Do not worry, for the birds arise to seek a living,
They never earn, nor work or strive with wings
Yet Heavenly Father provides for them array!
How much for you created in His image at bay?

The grasses, verdant green and emerald at times,
How I walked on the lush green at dawn and night
Yet the following day, they'll be gathered in barns
To be burned the next day, as smoke rise as yarns!

Do not worry, for you are precious to your Father,
The Master never forgets you in every day hour
Do not worry for even the luscious flowers thank,
Smile and walk with confidence, for God loves us!

Inspired by the Gospel
Maria Cassia

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