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Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Mother-in-law:  I was wondering how my son had chosen this lady who is
so lazy and impertinent.

Rita:  Your daughter-in-law had also told me how your son had chosen you
as his mother!  (giggles)

Doctor:  How are you feeling today?

Ronnie: (who developed a phobia of surgery)  O' Dr Jones, I am really
feeling fantastic!

Doctor:  How come you were brought by an ambulance?

Ronnie:  Sorry, doctor!  My wife has memory loss.  She always call
000 or 999 for no reason at all.

Waiter:  What's your order, Mam.

Jenny:  An entrée of asparagus and chives.

Waiter:  What's your main meal, Mam?

Jenny:  That's my main meal.  I am unemployed!

Waiter:  What's your dessert, Mam?

Jenny:  A lollipop!

Waiter:  You really need help, I will call my manager
to give you a job!

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