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Saturday, December 30, 2017



What is the essence of my being?
Is it One who made Behemoth---
who lives under the lotus plants of shade
Power like a cedar of willows at the slade.

What is power that gushes my spirit?
the One who can control Leviathan---
whose eyes are like the eyes of dawn
shoots the deep abound with flames?

The One I call Abba, at dire moments,
of my Saviour, that at His Name, bliss!
all knees shall bend and call Him Lord,
Of which I am a temple of His Breath...

Knew that in the boat tossed by winds,
the wood rejoiced for His head leans
Awaken by the shouts, "We're afraid,"
Calm the winds with a Mighty Hand!

"Who is this that even the sea obey?"
Do not quip with surprise but awe!
So simple for the One who owns---
Not only everything but all in all!

He walks on the water; cries heard
It is the Lord, how little is my faith!
Mustard sowed in my heart at last
Come, Lord to decrease the blight!

The core of my being, the centre,
The quest of my reality O' neer
My gazes foremost, my Fortress!
Love first Thee; forever with zest...

Inspired by Scripture

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail Bernardo
( Always love our GOD ALMIGHTY is very important in our life.
Cynthia's poems are very beautiful and the above one is a real example.)
New World

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