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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Ecclesiasticus 39:14-15. A Hymn of Praise to God

"Send out fragrance like an incense, and put forth blossoms like a lily.  Scatter the fragrance and sing a Hymn of Praise, bless the Lord for all his works.  Ascribe majesty to his Name and give thanks to him with praise, with songs in your lips and with harps...". Ecclesiasticus 39: 14-15a

Let us praise God without ceasing!  When one sees somebody praising God with all his might, we will hear:  "What happened to this person?  It seems that the one praising God looks abnormal?  Of course not!  The one praising God is the most normal people are you can find on 🌏 earth.  To praise God is done by the people who found true wisdom.  The Creator, the Provider, the Saviour, the Fortress!  Who is more normal than people who realise that if they were not created by God in the womb of their mother, they are not here enjoying the finer things in life? They are not here strolling in the beach, watching their favourite show, enjoying with their friends and family?  Take heart!  Gratitude is a good virtue!  Let us always be grateful to our Creator in good or worst times.  Without God, we are nothing! We are living superficially but not living fully.  For God promised, "I will give you life to the full!"

Praise God forever!  Alleluia!

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