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Saturday, December 30, 2017




Dr. Joy Kunjappu, D. Sc., Ph. D.

Circular do-loops transport the blood of season -

cyclic spokes of events remind past history.

Almanac of perennial festivals marks

non-lidded continuum of generations ahead.

Festooned feast of the lady’s stainless conception

flavours the extravagance of refurbishing preparation -

emission of cooking oil from the whitewashed walls,

spewing tease-marks on the doors of congested nostrils,

Jazzy bands and native drums orbiting perimeters

of ‘half-walls’ of chapels in theoretical accuracy.

Merry-making mood of thronging villagers -

town is in renewed spirits of annual recuperation,

for this is the harbinger of the happiest of all times:

old ready-made crib painted metal-white,

order placed for illuminating lamp set,

hay-stalks sheared to decorate the roof,

jotted lines of a greeting song in free verses

to fill in the scores of a pop film music

for loud-singing in the kid’s carol troop,

covered the skeleton of a six-cornered stellar lamp

in pasted multi-colors of rare glossy paper

(cut-wastes preserved for the twelfth-night flags),

shuttled-cycling from home to tailor’s shop,

reviving previous pit for planting the year’s tree,

waiting for Santa defying the signs of intelligence.

Rungs of the ladder of pristine expectations

shine in hopes of circulating embalmed myths.

(Thanks to Dr. Joy Kunjappu, an eminent poet and scientist
for this excellent poem with a scientific and realistic tone
which could stimulate our minds for deeper thinking!) 
New World


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