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Sunday, December 24, 2017

She will see the light of day: Short story by Cynthia Abegail

Sienna, Oh Sienna I know her!  She was my neighbour of ten years and my heart always goes for her.  I always ask the Lord why some women are unfortunate...

She is well-educated with a mind that belongs to Mensa Society but why O’ Sienna have you chosen this man to be your husband?  Is it love 💖 or what?  Years of mental torture, years of anguish that she confided to me.  Because of my endearment for Sienna, I prayed day and night that she will be freed!

Oh, God please help Sienna!  She deserves to be happy again.  Years, the Lord did not answer but one day, I have learned from her that her husband has liver cancer.  I cried, for I did not pray that he should die but if it’s possible for him to change.

Then, the time came that her husband died after Christmas.  Sienna was teary-eyed!  She loves him despite of his evil ways.  I do not understand, it seems illogical!

Then, I sat at the porch one night and I saw a 🌟 bright star!  I remembered the Lord Jesus was born in a manger to die for us, sinners.  That’s how God loves us; for no matter how wretched we are, He still loves us.

Sienna, Oh Sienna, my good friend with a golden heart, now I understood.  I will always treasure your kind-heartedness.  I thank God that you are my friend...

Cynthia Abegail

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