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Thursday, January 4, 2018


Johann Sebastian Bach was described as "the most astounding miracle
in music" from the words of another musical giant, Wagner. He was
highly respected that he was considered: the most natural
genius in the field of music, an outstanding musical mathematician, a
supreme musical theologian, etc.

A prolific and a hard worker, Bach saw himself as more of a vessel for
divine purpose; much less as an artist. At the end of his work, he usually
wrote, Soli Deo Gloria, "To God Be the Glory."

The Well Tempered Clavier is the first masterpiece to use all twenty-four
major and minor keys. Incredible! Other masterpieces are Saint John's Passion,
Saint Matthew's Passion and the Mass in B Minor. His feat as a composer is
admired by choirmasters through the centuries.

By his organ works and sacred cantatas, there Bach kneels in "working out his
salvation." The cliche works, "he is the baroque's quintessence and summation."
This is a summary and review of Bach's legacy in the field of music.

Ref: Stove, R. J. A Student's Guide to Music History.

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