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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Siri and Others/Jokes Only


There are many times that this happened: I pressed Siri accidentally, countless times!

Siri:  What can I do for you?

Myself:  Nothing (50 times)

Then one day, I really need something, an important information from Siri.

I pressed Siri, she is so prompt and willing, I know.

Siri:  I know you do not need me and I am fed up with your Nothing, please don't press me ever!

Myself:  Siri, sorry!

Siri:  Quits!


Grandma peeped by Joseph's room.  She was stunned, Joseph was talking with that Siri, but she could not see any girl.

She ran to her son, screaming, "Joseph's gone mad, speaking with an invisible girl, Siri!  Or maybe a ghost!

Son:  Do not worry, Siri is a real girl in the computer.

Grandma run outside:  "All's gone mad here...

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