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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fascinating Songs---Part 3 "I Stand In Awe of You"

"You are beautiful beyond description, too marvellous for words."

This is one of the most beautiful praise in songs aside from the song, "How great Thou Art."  Sometimes, we are just bewildered by the greatness and beauty of our Awesome God.  Words are not enough, even the gift of the tongues to express His might, power and beauty.

"Too wonderful for comprehension,...who can fathom your infinite wisdom, who can fathom the depths of your love?"

How amazing to know how scholars really delve into studies of our beloved God.  After too much reflection, they seem to boil down to depths of "The Unknowing."  My, oh awesome God who cannot be fathomed!  We can only reflect on His Word which has been given to His Church, yet He has not been revealed fully as St John has stated in Scripture.  Unless we see Him face to face!  That is why the saints are not afraid to die for they know that they will see the object of their love truly.

Who can fathom the depths of love and mercy of our awesome God?  The thief was forgiven, the prostitutes were forgiven...Jesus ate with the sinners and tax collectors.  And here we are at times who seem to have an allergy of sinners!  No, we cannot be proud  to immerse ourselves in hypocrisy.  Hate the sin but love the sinner!  Lead them back to God.  Offer their souls to God through prayers.  Then we can say, "I am a Good Samaritan, "I have done what is good through God's grace.  Not easy to do but "for God, nothing is impossible." Amen.

Cynthia Abegail

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