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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Part 4 The Reunion with Aiko---Aiko's Diaries

I was eagerly waiting for this day:  the reunion with Aiko.  After months of agony, my face lighted up when we moved to a new 🏡 home.  At least, I will see Aiko everyday and I will be content to care for her.  Guess what, when we arrive at our new home, Aiko was jumping with joy...

I did not realise that pets could be joyful not only happy.  Yes folks, this is a year of sweet beginning.  I have waited for this momentous time.  Alas, she is totally mine.  We share our dreams, our yearning and sorrow.

I am not overly sentimental!  But with Aiko, it maybe bordering on a passion.  Never would I know of a deep bonding between a pet and its carer.  However, it's deeper than that, it's a heightened one!

Probably because Aiko was given to me by my son and everytime I take care of her, it's a memory of my and my son's loving relationship!

Aiko, a Japanese name but Filipino by ❤️ heart and Western in bearing!  Aiko is a precious 💎 gem, always loved and cared for.

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