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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Seeking the Kingdom of God is like strolling in the beach

One of the views that is quite fascinating is that of the beach.  To sum it up, seeking the Kingdom of God is like strolling in the beach.  First, the person walking by the shore appreciates the beauty around her or him:  the clouds at sunset, the flying birds, the colourful starfishes, the aroma of the wind and so on. To seek the Kingdom of God comes with awe and reverence for God and admiration for His creation.  Second, as the person walks on the sand, his or her feet submerged deep into that sand.  It pricks but they can bear it.  When we seek the Kingdom of God, it's not always rosy, we can have trials but God gives us the strength to carry it.  Otherwise, we give our yoke to Lord Jesus!  Third, it is good to stroll in the beach with someone.  It's more fun, more consoling and more fulfilling.  In the same way, when we seek the Kingdom of God, we are not islands unto ourselves.  We have priests, nuns, lay leaders, the lay faithful and our families to support us.  As God Almighty made Eve out of the ribs of the man, Adam:  God says that it is not good for the man to be alone.  (Genesis).

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