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Wednesday, February 14, 2018


1. When a person describes one as timorous,
it means ---vivacious, active, timid or lazy?
2. Who was the famous general who once
said "I shall return!"
3. Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the greatest
military strategist in history. Where was
he defeated (it means also one's weakness)?
4. Who are the three beautiful daughters of
Job in the Old Testament?
5. Which of these three countries is the smallest,
Peru, Uruguay or Paraguay?
6. He is a scientist whose theory on displacement
of liquids gave light to the building of modern ships.
Who is this brilliant thinker?
7. Name the film starred by Charlton Heston wherein
the blood of Jesus that flowed healed a leper?
8. It was a very hot day and you were walking from afar.
Suddenly you seem to see a pool of water. What is this
9. A theodolite is an instrument used to measure ----------.
10. There are different types of phobia as claustrophobia (fear
of enclosed spaces). What do people with xenophobia fears?

1. timid
2. General Douglas Mcarthur
3. Waterloo
4. Turtledove, Cassia and Mascara
5. Uruguay
6. Archimedes
7. Benhur
8. mirage
9. angles
10. foreigners

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