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Sunday, February 11, 2018



1. What is the basic monetary unit of Iceland?
2. When one goes up the mountain, he experiences
breathlessness because of greater air pressure.
True or False.
3. What is the popular name of the bird, the great
4. What does Mona Lisa lack on her face due to a
fad during the Rennaisance era? (Dr. Kumar's question)
5. In classical mythology, who is the maiden loved by Eros
and is also an object of Aphrodite's jealousy?
6. What do some ancient people used as mouthwash? (Indra Mohan's)
7. Who wrote the "Way of A Pilgrim?"
8. Why do you see a pool of water on a hot day from afar?
9. What is the first sign in the Book of John in the New Testament?
10. Name the cascade over 200 feet high) in southern Idaho, US.


1. krona
2. False
3. penguin
4. eyebrows
5. Psyche
6. urine
7. C. S. Lewis
8. Because of mirage (hot air rises )
9. Miracle of water changed into wine
10. Soshone Falls
What is the word of French origin, referring to a wise man
starting with letter s?

Answer: savant

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