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Monday, April 16, 2018


As Jessica stepped on her holiday land, she mused..."A few days to relish in
my homeland."  Then one of her favourite sisters yelled, "Sister, how you
have changed after two years.  You have gained a bit of weight!"  She chose
the right words because Jessica is particular of her weight."  She embraced
her sister and tears rolled from her eyes.  This is such a wonderful reunion.

They travelled through the parklands and rolling hills till they reach the
town of Poti in the community of Libra.  She loved the banana trees which
sways as if to greet a foreigner.  Jessica whisked off the idea!  "I am not a
foreigner, this is my native land!"

The brothers of her husband were so joyful to meet their eldest brother.
Jessica could feel the deep bonding of love among them.  Even on the first day,
the brothers went out for a stroll in the nearby city.

Jessica went out also with her sisters.  Join hand by hand, they seemed to
be lovers who were love struck and who have never seen each other for
heaps of years.  Jessica kissed them tenderly knowing that they were only
there for a few weeks.

Day in and day out,  Jessica savoured the moments as if the days will run
out quickly.  She visited all of her families in a roster.  They enjoyed their days
shopping, visiting the church and eating at their favourite restaurants.
Now the time has come, the final night before her return to her place.

That night was a memorable night.  The brothers of her husband prepared
a farewell party for them.  It was a night of singing that made it a joyous
night.  They sang for them with gusto and even Jessica and her husband
David sang to the delight of their families.  Jessica mused, "This is
a memorable night for me.  Thanks to all!"  It was a bonding par excellence.
Jessica thought, "How I wish I could come back soon again."

Jessica said at the airport: "Farewell to all of my family and friends. 
 I love you all!"

Morale:  The bonding of family and friends could never be measured in material
things.  It is a great feeling of solidarity and love.  Moments of joy are etched
in memories, never to be erased but relished in moments of recollection.

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