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Saturday, April 14, 2018

“Why everything has to be intensely rational?”

This is a question in biblical theology that puzzled me for a while!  In the study of any field of biblical scholarship, everything has to be scrutinised scientifically, just like one is dealing with a specimen.  Well, it’s a good point, yet when the study becomes so rigorous that the culture of the past must be examined as in a microscope—-something is not at par with a kind of spirituality.

I thought that God must be the centre, not this kind of scientific thinking overwhelming the arena.  Investigation seems to be like in the field of geology where one has to scrutinise the tiniest atoms to explain the nature of God.

Our Awesome God is spiritual.  We cannot contain God, for how someone as weak as man able to pierce the mind of Him who created the unexplainable universe?

I appreciate scholarship but not vain scholarship.  Hopefully, it could be a humble scholarship focusing on the greatness of God.

After all is said and done,  God alone must be the focus, not those rocks, not those culture, not those outlandish papers with a lot of impressive footnotes which substantially meant nothing for the general populace!

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